Which are the 10 essentials for performance approach?

For Performance Approach Asolo designed special products for rock climbers who require unique features in footwear they use to go to and from boulders, cliffs and mountains where they practice the art of climbing.

Let’s find out together the 10 essentials for performance approach and via ferrata which our Team selected for you!



Your shoes are your best friends while on a via ferrata: opt for a model with a great grip, climbing area and performances which guarantees stability, support and traction while on the activity without compromising the comfort.

ASOLO Eldo GV is the new model designed for approach activities and via ferrata. The low-cut model of the Eldo family features a technical seamless polyester upper and the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear lining which guarantees waterproofness and breathability. The thermoformed mono-density Eva midsole assures the best support, stability and cushioning. The Asolo/Vibram AG outsole presents a self-cleaning design and an excellent climbing area, it uses also the MegaGrip compound which offers an excellent grip in wet and dry terrains. To complete, the polyuretane rand all-round assures an extreme protection. The cordon lacing system and the thermoshaped tongue offer a fast lacing and a precise fit.

Green shoes a person is hiking on the green mountain



Necessary for the via ferrata adventures is the via ferrata set, a system of ropes (called “lanyard”), carabiners and a shock absorber which needs as link with the harness and allows to secure ourselves to the wall and proceed in safety along the way.

The CAMP Kinetic Gyro Rewind Pro set consists of a variable tearing energy absorber, safe and functional Horai carabiners and the patented Gyro system which prevents the twisting of the webbing. The lanyard arms are in elastic 22 mm webbing which remains compact during the ascent, to not hinder the movements and it stretches naturally when necessary. More, the twisted buttonhole in elastic polyester webbing speeds up the connection with the harness with a knot at the mouth of the wolf and assures the correct positioning of the set with attachment points of all kinds.

 FERRATA seta person is hiking on the rock with the FERRATA set



The climber have to use the harness to connect himself with the rope and to protect him in the event of a fall; the rope absorbs and holds back the fall, while the harness allows to evenly distribute the jerk resulting from the impact force and discharge it on non-critical areas of the body.

The adjustable and multiuse CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY Ascent harness consists of a lumbar belt with a robust ergonomic structure which guarantees an excellent lumbar support and quick-drying and breathable mesh interiors. The structure of the leg loops is T-shaped to offer greater comfort during the activity and four adjustment buckles allow the user to better fit the harness to their body. The four large materials-holders, the two places for carabiners and the other two small material-holders are also useful to place the accessories.

HARNESSperson is ready for climbing to the mounain and wearing the HARNESS



The backpack for your via ferrata may be light and small-sized in order to not hinder and not unbalance the weight during the activity; avoid to hang outside the backpack any kind of gear, they could get stuck in the most difficult passages.

The DEUTER Guide Lite 24 backpack is realized in polyamide with a tight web structure which makes the fabric resistant and tearproof. It has a removable waist belt which allows to further lighten the weight and an adjustable sternum belt. The load straps are adjustable as well and, thanks to the small wings on the shoulder strap attachments, the backpack remains tight and close to the body in every climbing movement. More, it has an elasticated inner compartment useful to store the wet clothing or the water reservoir and a stowable flap with helmet holder.

BACKPACKa person is wearing the black healment and green backpack



Do not forget to wear an helmet: it will protect you from the possible fall of rocks, from impacts in the event of a fall or the blows you can get in the narrowest passagges. The climbing or ferrata helmets are designed to be as light as possibile, comfortable and ventilated.

The GRIVEL Stealth helmet is one of the lightest on the market, by weighing only 190 grams and it is well ventilated thanks to the 16 holes that are scattered along the upper shell. It is harsh helmet, made of a expanded polystyrene interior which absorbs the impact and polycarbonate external shell that protects against penetration; characteristics that make it a versatile and light model for performance approach activities. More, it has a all-round protection construction for protecting both the top of the heas and the sides. Last detail, it has four comfortable lamp holder clips.

yellow helmeta person is standing on the edge of the mounatin and wearning the yellow helmet



Protect your hands with gloves specifically designed for the via ferrata. They are light preferably without fingers and in breathable material to guarantee a greater grip and precision but also rigid and resistant to protect the hands and to improve the grip and safety on the cable.

The BLACK DIAMOND Crag Half-Finger are light and breathable gloves, perfect for technical approach routes. They are made of breathable stretch mesh fabric and synthetic leather palm and half-fingers, with reinforced index finger and thumb crotch to guarantee a better durability and knucle paddings for a better protection. More, it has a low-profile modern Velcro wrist strap which assure the correct adjustability.

GLOVESperson wearning the blue jerssy, wearing the red gloves and tighting the rope



Always opt for wearing yourself in layers while going on a performance approach route for being ready to face any weather. In addition to the technical underwear and baselayer, which assures a better breathability, wear one or more layers, base on the height and the temperature you may find in your way.

The MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT Groundup Mountain Tee shirt is lightweight, stretchy and higly wicking, perfect for the hot days on the rocks as well. It offers a cotton-like feel but it is made with the drirelease fabric Lyocell, which wicks moisture efficiently from the skin and the Polygiene anti-microbial technology ensures permanente odour control for sustained use on longer trips. The TENCEL cellulose fibres give outstanding wicking performances. 

The light and stretchy MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT Comici Pant are the best choice for vie ferrate and summer climbings. The lightweight soft shell EXOLITE 125 fabric is stretchy, wind resistant and fast drying. The Active fit with slim ankle guarantees to quickly move on technical terrains and unhindered movements when climbing hard pitches. More, they have an integrated low profile belt with double press-stud waist closure. 

The MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT Aerofoil Full Zip Jacket is in elasticated double woven soft shell fabric EXOLITE 45 which a windproof essential protection for performance approach. It has an Active fit with articulated and pre-shaped sleeves, elastane bound cuffs and hem drawcord; more, has a YKK centre front zip as closure. The elastane bound hood can be used also when you wear an helmet. Another detail is the single chest pocket which stores the essentials and it works as jacket sack.

CLOTHING a person wearning the white helmet, yellow jacket, red backpack, black jeans climbing up on the mountaing



During the ferrata, you are secured thanks to the ferrata set, but if you are expert mountaineer and you are aware about their use, you can bring with you a rope and a descender; it may be useful to recover or drop people in need or for brief abseilings, in the event of challenging passagges.

Light and compact, the PETZL Arial 9.5 mm is a single rope designed for climbing and mountaineering. The water repellent Duratec Dry treatment provides a better resistance against water, dirt and abrasion and keeps longer the handling and grip of the rope, thanks to the EverFlex thermal treatment which stabilizes core strands and improves consistency.

PETZL Reverso is a belay device for climbing and mountaineering which you can use as a multiuse and lightweight descender suitable for the use with one or two rope strands and to allow the belay during a break. The rope easily runs in the device, by protecting it from usury thanks to the rounded design of the rope slots. Rope installatios diagrams for bealying are engraved on the device and the V-shaped friction grooves enable controlled braking.


 ROPE AND DESCENDERa woman wearing  ROPE AND DESCENDER ready to climb to mountain



Keep on your backpack a headlamp, it might be useful when crossing some galleries or darker passages on yout technical approaches.

A powerful, versatile and rechargeable frontal headlamp is the BLACK DIAMOND ReVolt 350. It produces up to 350 lumens of light on maximum setting, but you can now adjust the light’s brightness thanks to the PowerTap technology. It provides a full strenght in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night-vision and lock mode. The lamp is also storm proof, it has been tested to withstand rain and sleet from any angle. The ReVolt 350 uses the new BD 1800 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, whose duration can be monitored with a three-LED battery meter, or with standard AAA alkaline batteries.

HEADLAMPperson holding the stick, wearing HEADLAMP ready to climb



The last thing to add to your backpack are the quickdraws: the quickdraws: they are pairs of carabiners connected together used as safety specific systems for climbing. Bring with you one or two quickdraws and you will ve able to belay yourself to the safety cable in order to relax your arms or to take a picture.

Lightweight and ergonomic, the PETZL Spirit Express quickdraw is available in two lenghts (11 and 17 cm); the EXPRESS webbing assures an excellent grip. The SPIRIT carabiners have a reliable carabiner gate mechanism: the straight gate design offers an optimum grip and makes clipping and unclipping easier thanks to Keylock system while the design of the bent gate allows the rope to be clipped efficiently. More, the wider rope and anchor contact surfaces favour a better rope glide and reduce wear on the carabiner.

QUICKDRAWSa person wearning the QUICKDRAWS ready for the advanture




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