If a boot or shoe is in a reasonable condition but the sole is worn it may benefit from a resole.

At Asolo we make all our footwear using the cemented construction method. Cemented construction is a traditional and complex shoe-making technique, where the upper is worked over the insole on a last before the outsole is attached with adhesive (cement) directly to the lasted upper. It requires a lot of craftsmanship and experience. The result is a very durable boot or shoe with outstanding stability and a long-lasting fit.

Cement-lasted footwear also has the advantage that it can be resoled over and over again. To do this the old sole is completely removed. This means that, if required, the full rubber rand can also be renewed. The new sole is then attached (cemented) directly to the upper.

We are glad to partner in USA with the following authorized cobblers:
Daubs Cobbler: http://shoerepairnh.com/


Dave Page Cobbler: https://www.davepagecobbler.com/ 

                                    3509 Evanston Ave N.Seattle, WA 98103


For Canada we suggest our authorized cobbler:
Vince De Vito: https://www.vincedevito.ca/

At Asolo we are proud to be the first Outdoor Company who digitized this service and here below you can find all the details of the resoling service:

Where we make the resoling service: all the resoling are made in our Headquarter in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso, Italy).

What it is included in the resoling service: through the resoling procedure we change the outsole, midsole, toe cap or rubber rand (if present), laces and footbeds (if worn out).

Which materials we use: where possible and we have available, we use all the original materials of the model; in case the model is out of our collection and so we do not have any more available the original-same materials, the model will get resoled with the new outsoles (which perfectly fit for your boots or shoes). Furthermore, if the upper of the boot-shoe is slightly damaged on the lateral points, a rubber rand will be added in order to be able to proceed with the resoling and protecting the upper.

What includes the resoling cost: the cost includes the resoling service and the transportation cost from our Headquarter back to you - which will be which will be billed at the time of check out based on the shipping address.

What it is excluded from the resoling cost: the service does not include the transportation costs to send us the boots/shoes (from you to our office) which will be at your expense and any customs duties (present if the shipment takes place from a country that is not a member of the European Union).

Where to send the boots/shoes: all the information will be provided by email when the resoling request has been completed and approved.

How long it takes for the resoling: generally, it takes two weeks (15 working days) from the moments the shoes/boots arrive to our Headquarter. Please note that the service can require less or additional timing-as in the case of Christmas Holiday or Summer vacations which can slow down the procedure.

We remind you that for accessing to the service you need to be logged with your account (for asolo.com), if you don’t have any, you can create an account before proceeding with the resoling request.

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