Happy Mother’s Day to all outdoor mums from our Team!

If you are an outdoor passionate mum, don’t limit your adventures: bring with you your child but pay attention to not forget anything!

Here a list of all must-to-have for a mum & son adventure in the Nature:



Always opt for specifically engineered boots for children shaped around the anatomic of their feet and will make them enjoy the outdoors and adventures with you. Look for a boot with a great ankle area, grip on varying terrains and waterproofness.

Our ASOLO Enforce GTX is the coolest model for your child made of water-resistant suede upper which offers perfect support, comfort and protection while the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear lining guarantees waterproofness and breathability. The sole package is composed of a mono density Eva midsole that gives the correct support, stability, comfort and cushioning. The Asolo sole has been designed with a self-cleaning design and ensures precision and grip on any type of terrain. The model is completed with a hardware lacing system for a fast and precise lace up.

mother wearning the brown joggers and holding the daughter sitting in the forest



Comfort is essential for let your kids better enjoy your adventures! The socks as well could help a great fit of the shoes. Just a tip: remind to always put in the backpack a second pair of socks, in case the worn one will dirty or wet.

Designed for a perfect fit on the foot and in the shoes, the SMARTWOOL Kids’ Hike Light Cushion Crew Socks help your kids’ feet feel comfy from the trailhead to your destination. As they are made from Merino wool, they offer natural odor control, breathability and durability. Plus, they’re made with a flat knit toe seam and an elasticized arch brace for comfort and support, which will help ensure a happy hike. Always remind to put in the backpack another pair of socks.


a girl is wearning the shoes while sitting on the rock



If an emergency occurs, mummy is prepared! Always have with you a first-aid kit to take care of some little incidents that may happen to the children: small scratches on the rocks or on the thorns of brambles, peelings of the knee after a fall or an insect bite.

From picnics at the park to hikes in the wilderness, the ADVENTURE MEDICAL First Aid Family Kit is the ideal kit to take along wherever children may need care, together with the Caring for Children in the Outdoors, the comprehensive guide to first-aid for children, which includes topics such as how to treat sprains, fractures, and dislocations and handy guides with instructions on how to administer medications.

a mother and daughter with medical kit, mother checking the elabow of the daughter



The major weight of your stuff for the hiking will be carried by adults, but children could have their little rucksack for the exploration as well: with a maximum capacity of 10 litres, it may contain the bare essentials, from the hat to the rain cape or only the water and some little games.
The DEUTER Waldfuchs 10 is the perfect super-robust and cool backpack for hiking; extremely simple to use, it carries all the necessities for survival: drinking bottle, meal, and all the found treasures.

a kid wearning backpack going down from the track


Kids could have a small whistle in his rucksack or pocket: it might be useful if they get lost in the trail and it could also be seen as a toy, to give them responsibility and teach them how and when to use it.
Featuring a spring-loaded clip for attaching to a belt, bag or lanyard, the COGHLAND’S Four Function Whistle for Kids also includes a °F and °C scale thermometer, magnifier, and compass. The high visibility yellow body makes it easy to keep track of.

a childern holding the whistle


Sunburns or heat strokes are more dangerous for children than for adults; we suggest to always bring with you sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to cover children’s head.
The BABYBUM Mineral SPF 50 sunscreen is 100% mineral based, lightweight and easy to apply thanks to the roll-on option.

a girl is playing with the sun burn cream


Don’t forget to put in the backpack a rain cape to be prepared for a sudden storm or rain while in the outdoor. Choose a model with a hood, for easily wear the jacket.
The PATAGONIA Baby Torrentshell 3L Jacket uses the three-layer Performance Standard shell technology for guarantee an exceptional waterproof/breathable performance, all-day comfort and long-lasting durability. Provided of welted, zippered handwarmer pockets, it also has a waterproof zipper with wind flap. More, the sleeves have internal cuffs to keep out drafts and retain heat and the well-Fitting three-panel hood has a stay-put fit and an elastic gusset to keep rain out.

the mother and son chopping the things on the wooden tray


If you are going to come back late in the afternoon or if you are planning an evening hiking, remind to bring with you a torch or, better, headlamps for the children as well. They will be happy to use it and to learn to orient themselves in the wood and it will be a better safety also for the parents.
The ultra-compact BLACK DIAMOND Wiz headlamp is virtually kid-proof as it works right-side up or down, shuts off after 2 hours and has a child-safe certified closure and breakaway elastic safety strap. With 2 single-power LEDs which provide 30 lumens of proximity lighting with full strength, dimmed and strobe modes.

the mother and childern wearing the headlamp


Bring a map and a compass and look at them together with your kids: discuss the route, tell them what the symbols mean and look at the landscape together. The kids will feel interested and involved in the hiking.
The reliable baseplate SUUNTO A-30 NH Metric compass is essential for navigating and surviving in extreme conditions: it is operable in low light with luminescent markings and a magnifying lense to use it with the map.

the person is checking the map with compass


Let the kids take some little and lightweight games out in the trails: frisbee or cards don’t take up much space but are great ways to pass the time; cards or other board games can be played both inside a tent, if you are in a multi-day trip, or in case you will need to stop for a rest before to come back.
The OUTSIDE INSIDE games offer you various alternatives for enjoying the camping life and the backyard adventures: freestyle racket sets, backpack disk, cards but also chess and backgammon games with magnetic chekkers and boards are some of the options you can opt for.

a dice game is setup on the table




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