Schoeller Keprotec Technology

The roots of today’s Schoeller Textil AG are anchored in an environment of new beginnings. The 1860s saw the emergence of such organizations as the Swiss Red Cross and such architectural achievements as the Gotthard Tunnel. This pioneering age also saw the establishment of our company: In 1868, Rudolph Schoeller moved from Breslau to Zürich and set up Switzerland’s first worsted yarn spinning mill in Schaffhausen with the name ”Schoeller & Söhne,” the origin of today’s Schoeller Textil AG.

For maximum protection:

This extreme protective fabric was originally developed for motorcycle racing.

High-tensile aramide fibres, such as Kevlar, ensure high durability as well as temperature stability in combination with a high level of clothing comfort.

Basic properties:

> Highest protective properties
> Extremely abrasion proof and fall proof
> Tear resistant
> Temperature resistant
> High level of comfort


For lasting protective properties, Schoeller has developed special production processes such as special weaving techniques and core spun Kevlar yarns.

This leads to fabrics which meet the highest requirements.

Extremely abrasion and tear resistant fabric with Kevlar for top quality protection.

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