Perwanger Leather

The Perwanger tannery is a leather reality with behind a family tradition of more than two centuries, lovingly handed down from father to son for more than five generations since 1780. Born in the heart of the Italian Alps, in the village of Auer (BZ), begins to tan skins from local farmers as was tradition in every community to provide the local shoemaker craftsmen. In the early 70s, after many attempts and driven by his passion for mountains hikes, Josef Perwanger could give the water repellent proprieties to his leathers. Until then the climbers were forced to impregnate their boots with grease. Suede Nepal Perwanger was born. Thanks to the excellent water resistance and breathability and unique producing methods, the suede Nepal Perwanger is gradually into large-scale adopted in the mountain footwear, leisure and security shoes.


Water-resistant: our Leather has superior waterproof characteristics; even in the most extreme conditions allow your feet to keep dry.

Scratch resistant: the special fiber of our leather, makes possible that even the sharper rocks do not leave deep signs on your new shoes.

Breathable: all our leathers work as a natural membrane, do not allow water to pass but let the foot inside can breathe freely.

Long life: our special processing technique, unique and handed down from generation to generation, makes our leather and your shoes remain unchanged for a long time.


Quality of raw material: raw material of our leather is derived exclusively from the alpine pastures and from carefully selected suppliers.

Constant product innovation: we use only the best and certified products to produce our leather. Each phase is followed by technicians and is implemented in full compliance with environmental regulations.

Entirely Made in Italy: each processing step is carried out entirely in Italy in our plants by qualified people.


- If leather surface is dirty, we suggest to dry brush leather surface off.

- If leather surface is very dirty, please wet brush with water.

- Do not use any degreasing cleaner or nitro based diluent or similar.

- Nepal suede leather comes with a water repellent treatment which usually does not need to be renewed. If you desire to use a waterproofer product on Nepal leather surface, please only use water or silicone-based products. Any other kind of product could seriously compromise water repellent properties.

- It is strongly recommended to not use on Nepal suede leather any kind of product which is oil based, animal grease based or similar.

- It is strongly recommended to not use in contact with acid liquids or powders (i.e. hydrated lime).

- In case the leather is wet, we recommend to let it slowly dry at room temperature, keep it far from heat such as fires, fireplaces, heaters or radiators.

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